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Venus solar eclipse

First things first:  There are a few safe ways to view the eclipse, but please do NOT stare at the sun to view this phenomenon as your eyes will be permanently damaged.  The sun can burn the retina and cause a permanent blind spot in your vision.

To view this safely, use special eclipse glasses, welder's galsses (# 14 or darker), or through a telescope with solar viewing filters (usually found at observatories).  On line you can learn how to create a pinhole projector to view the image of the eclipse.  Realize that you cannot safely view the eclipse through a pinhole, the image must be projected onto another surface for viewing. 

According to Reno news the transit of Venus' silhouette across the face of the sun will happen on Tuesday June 5, 2012.  The viewing time for the Western hemisphere will be on Tuesday starting about 3pm and ending at sunset. 

Harmful practices I observed during the lunar eclipse last month:  1.  People making a pinhole with thier fingers or cardboard to view the eclipse--Not safe.  2.  People using sunglasses (including polarized sunglasses) to take a "quick" look--Not safe.  2.  People looking out of the "corner fo their eye"--Not safe.  

Keep your eyes healthy and strong and enjoy great vision for the rest of your life.


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