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Hot Cars and Eyewear

Summertime and hot weather is here.  The following article gave such great advice about what NOT to leave in your hot car that I just have to share it.  I would include glasses and sunglasses in the list.  Both the frames and lenses can warp and permanently damage the eye wear. Not to mention that when  you pick them up they can actually burn your skin.

Posted: Wed 9:58 PM, Jul 02, 2014
RENO, Nev. -- We know that leaving children and pets in a hot car for even five minutes could be lethal, but leaving other things in your car while you take a trip to the coffee shop or run a small errand can be just as dangerous. Here are a few things you should never leave in a hot car.
When the hot sun beats down on your car, the temperature inside can climb up quickly and it's easy to forget that some things shouldn't be kept in the heat.
'It's a really bad day when I leave my M&Ms in the car. You know, chocolate everywhere," said one Reno woman.
"My bottle of water, I come out and the stuff is boiling," said a Reno man.
With temperatures as high as 120 degrees inside your car, the last thing you want to do is take a swig out of your water bottle that's been sitting inside. Experts say the chemicals from the plastic could seep into the water.
The last thing you want to end up with is a hot mess in your car. Crayons make colorful art, but probably not on your car seats. Smart phones, GPS systems and tablets may be high tech, but even those aren't immune to the heat.
"There is liquid inside of your battery and that if it gets hot, it releases gasses, and it can also make the battery sweat, increasing the risk of fire and possible an explosion," said Danny Preston, electronic repairman at Power Up Celluar Repair Center.
All it takes is just 30 to 40 minutes under the sun to fry the mother board. Even when the temperature censor turns on, you're still not in the clear.
"Pretty much all devices are built with a temperature censor that causes it to shut off when it senses the temperatures are high to protect your phone and data, but there comes a point even when the device is turned off, heat damage can occur," Preston said.
Repairs could cost you up to $300 and a headache you can avoid by remembering to take these things with you before closing that door.
You should also avoid leaving groceries in a hot care because food will spoil quicker. Aerosol cans and lighters could explode and start a fire.


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