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Decorative Contact Lenses for Halloween

With Halloween rapidly approaching, the American Optometric Association is again conducting media outreach to warn consumers about the risks of purchasing and wearing decorative contact lenses without a valid prescription and proper medical evaluation from a doctor of optometry. 

 Costume shops, tanning salons and other local businesses sometimes  sell colored contact lenses without a prescription.

 The American Optometric Association  advises consumers that all contact lenses are classified as medical devices by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and require a valid prescription, whether they correct their vision or are worn simply for a special occasion, like Halloween, proms or weddings. 

If you need lenses for special occasions, we can order them for you.  As of today, October 14th, there is still enough time to get them for Halloween.  Come on in and check out the spooky and fun special contact lenses.

Stay safe, healthy and happy this Halloween! 









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