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Digital Phoropter

In keeping with Adlington Eye Center's interest in providing the best possible eyecare possible to our patients by utilizing state of the art technology, we are proud to introduce a new diagnostic tool produced by Nidek…The Nidek RT 5100

Even with enhanced ability to display a great deal of information, The RT-5100's compact and ergonomic design does not cover your entire face, offering a comfortable examination. The wide visual field of 40º also provides a natural view environment for you, enabling more realistic and accurate measurements.

For those physically impaired, The RT-5100's offers easy operation in both sitting and standing positions. In particular exams when the position of your head is crucial, The RT-5100 incorporates a forehead position detector. Using the LED alert system, your forehead is set in the most advantageous position for the most accurate measurement possible, allowing us to proceed under optimum conditions.


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